Wartune Cheats | Wartune hack Get unlimited Balens, gold, daru and much more.

Welcome to wartunecheats.net you have probably guessed by now but in case you haven’t this site is where you can find the best wartune cheats to get ahead in the game.

Wartune is a free online browser game based in a fantasy RPG realm. Its hard to put a game such as wartune into one category it’s a mix of many genres; Strategy, city-building, RPG all rolled into one game together. As lord of the city you make the decisions that will grow your cities might and raise armies powerful enough to defeat legions of demon hordes. Wartune integrates the best elements from RPG and RTS games in excellent fashion. When exploring the land or raiding dungeons the currency you receive can then be used to upgrade your city or buying new equipment for your armies. The fact that wartune is free to play means you have nothing to lose in playing the game to see if you enjoy it which you will. Wartune is developed by the excellent 7Road the makers behind such other games like DDtank and is published by R2games the company responsible for the RPG cystal saga.

Whilst the game itself is excellent sometimes you just don’t want to grind for hours upon hours to get the resources you need to get that one upgrade. Obviously this process has to be repeated over and over until you get your city and army to the level you want. This can take some serious time to grind to that type of level and it’s not everyones idea of fun. Luckily there is a way around that and that’s where our wartune cheats will help.

One of our developers has put together a nice little hack. Simply download it and run it, you will need a password but the steps to get one are explained and are simple to follow. Once you activate the hack you then enter your account details. From there it’s very straight forward you simply enter and select the resources you wish to have added. Whether it be Balens or Gold just enter into the fields what you want and run the program and your account will be updated. The program can be seen below.

wartune hack

Download the wartune cheats application free from the link below.
We recommend that you don’t add insane amounts of gold to your account, try to stay under the radar and only use the software once a day to avoid drawing too much attention to yourself. So far we have never had a case of someone getting banned.

big download

6 thoughts on “Wartune Cheats | Wartune hack Get unlimited Balens, gold, daru and much more.

  1. Thanks works great, took me ages to find a hack for Wartune that worked. Thanks and keep it up

  2. Haha this saves me a lot of time, really simple to use just install and follow the instructions. Get items instantly or level up your character with a click of a button.

  3. Everything works I levelled my mage to level 80 instantly with this hack. Everything seems to work except I can’t use the hack to get a legendary level necklace; it would be nice to see an update of this soon.

  4. The hack works great there has been a couple of times when it crashes but that’s not a problem just restart it and go through the process again.

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