Wartune Cheats | Wartune hack Get unlimited Balens, gold, daru and much more.

Wartune is a great game but there are those moments when things don’t quite go your way or you know you are going to have to put in a lot of time to get the items you want for your character and you have to wonder if the end justifies the means. Thankfully you can cheat in wartune and generate Gold and daru very easily and quickly. This obviously cuts down the time it takes to buy items and makes the game a whole lot easier, we hope you like our wartune cheats. Not a lot of people know that you can actually cheat in wartune with our help we can make it a very simple process. You can skip the rest of this page and just scroll down to the bottom if you just want to download the hack.

wartune hack

How to cheat in wartune

The nature of wartune being an online multiplayer game means it’s quite hard to cheat. The developers of wartune have done what they can to try and stop people from cheating. As a result there aren’t any cheats codes you can just type in on your keyboard to make gold appear magically into your account and if any says they can they are lying. However because wartune is a browser based game it does make it possible to use software developed specifically to communicate with the game servers directly and cheat. You can download our software at the bottom of this page and use that to generate Gold and Balens directly into your account.

What our wartune hack does

Our hack makes it possible for you to add unlimited amounts of gold and balens to your account. It does this after being developed with a piece of software called cheat engine which in the right hands can be used to develop programs that communicate directly with games and allow you to change values for those accounts held in the database for things such as gold or balens. Future editions of the hack will allow you to generate items and level up characters at the click of a button but right now you are limited to gold and balens

How to use the hack

Our software is incredibly easy to use all you need to do is download it, activate it and enter your username for your Wartune account. Then click which resource you want to add and the amount then start the hack, wait a minute and check your account all the resources should now be there.

Is it safe to use?

The last thing you want happening is your account to be banned. Don’t worry this has never happened before and wont for the foreseeable future. Wartune doesn’t have a dedicated system put in place to detect cheating. It doesn’t use punkbuster or any system like that, infact the problem of cheating is so small in the game that it goes under the radar. We have never had an account banned of received a warning from anyone in the whole time we have been using and developing the hack.

Does this really Work?

This is the internet after all and no doubt you will be wondering if this cheat actually works. If you are in doubt please watch the vimeo video below.


Free, yes its free, it won’t cost you anything. You may be asked to fill out a quick offer, not a huge survey it literally takes just a minute and is very easy. We have chosen to do this so we don’t have to charge you for using our software. We are considering charging $8.99 for this software as a lot of time effort and experience has gone into developing it, but I would rather give it to you for free. I would suggest downloading it sooner rather than later.

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8 thoughts on “Wartune Cheats | Wartune hack Get unlimited Balens, gold, daru and much more.

  1. Thanks works great, took me ages to find a hack for Wartune that worked. Thanks and keep it up

  2. Haha this saves me a lot of time, really simple to use just install and follow the instructions. Get items instantly or level up your character with a click of a button.

  3. Everything works I levelled my mage to level 80 instantly with this hack. Everything seems to work except I can’t use the hack to get a legendary level necklace; it would be nice to see an update of this soon.

  4. The hack works great there has been a couple of times when it crashes but that’s not a problem just restart it and go through the process again.

  5. Nice one. Had serious doubts that this would work. But it does. Activate it, put in your details and you are done. Wartune annoys the hell out of me at times this is a welcome refreshing change :)

  6. Awwwwwwweeesome no more farming for gold. Was really skeptical that this would work in 2015 but it works. Keep it updated this has saved me a lot of time. Bit of effort to activate but really anyone could do it. Well worth it. :)

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